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Our Privacy Policy


We respect your privacy and will only deal with your personal information as set out in this policy. If you agree to us holding and dealing with your personally identifiable information (“PII”) as set out in this policy please check the consent box at the end.

The information that we collect is only that which you give us.
We only ask for your name, your position in your organisation, your address, email and telephone number(s) that you use in connection with your work and the matter in connection with which you contact us.

We will never disclose your PII to a third party unless:


necessary in connection with work we are doing for you or for your organisation;


we were to transfer ownership of our business to another which would need it to continue interacting with you;


required to do so by lawful authority or under any of the exemptions contained within the General Data Protection Regulation.


Otherwise, we will use your PII to contact you in connection with any enquiry you have made or any work we are doing for you or your organisation and to send you our newsletter.


Your PII will be stored securely by us on a server-based within the Netherlands.


We will at your request tell you what PII of yours we hold and amend or delete it.


We will automatically delete it once we have held it for five years following our last contact with you.


We are regulated by the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”). Should you have any concern about the way in which we are dealing with your PII you may complain to the ICO.

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