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Annette Barnas

Website Design

The voice-over agency Annette Barnas chose Servus to re-design and develop an online experience that would allow its audience to easily understand the brand’s methods and products.

We were set out to build a smooth one-pager that would distribute it’s information naturally. Our aim was to create seamless interactions, and memorable experiences to connect people to the product.

The main focus was to display the product, the voice, and make getting in contact as effortlessly as possible. With the right use of white space and a fitting color palette, we created a website that connected with the designated audience.

About Annette Barnas

Annette Barnas is a independent voice-over business, which offers a voice to a marketing campaign, varying from radio- & tv-commercials, to online marketing efforts. They provide the most diverse productions: for healthcare businesses, for municipalities/government, business services, education, and many more.